Jando Band
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Smooth Latin rhythms and beautiful melodies with a contemporary edge will lure you in, only to be ambushed by the scorching intensity of Jando’s Spanish guitar attack.

Jay Ybarra and his Family present to you, the result of years of classical training in music theory and performance, giving a fresh sound on a traditional old-world art form. Thus the name “Rhumba Flamenco” describes Jando’s musical style.

With the simple, but highly effective arrangement of Spanish guitar combined with various acoustic percussion instruments and ancient skins, Jando preserves the purity and beauty of the traditional flamenco sound with an added universal appeal.

While the rhythm is of ancient origins, there is a very appealing and modern feel to the songs. With Jando’s excellent use of tonal colorations, each song seems to evoke its own mental images of exotic landscapes, moods and romantic locations.

Their touch can be light, melodic and fit the “easy listening” ambience of the New Age genre, but on the other hand, they demonstrate a fiery persona just as convincingly.

Lovers of music and lovers of life are sure to enjoy the experience of JANDO.

Jando Band